The POD Story

Hi! I’m Alex, PODmother and Founder of POD.

“Having spent 16 years in the corporate world as a Change Enabler, no matter the industry I worked in, I encountered the same challenge.

Booking hour-long and costly massage appointments just wasn’t feasible due to my daily schedule, availability and cost. This impacted my musculoskeletal issues as I couldn’t receive the therapy I really needed. Instead, I simply battled on like many others.

POD is here to change that!”

Elevate your day with POD!

Who are we?

POD is the first Tech Wellness Studio to hit the high street. We offer wellness therapies using cutting-edge technology, meaning your POD experience will be free from interruptions and totally immersive – pure relaxation.

Our Mission

POD wants to change the way 21st century workaholics, social animals and busy beavers look after themselves. No matter the wedge in your wallet, the spare minutes in the day, or personal background, POD will help you effortlessly weave wellbeing into the fabric of your lifestyle.


What our customers say…

It's very relaxing. the staff member is very helpful & easy to talk to. she has good knowledge of what she is sell. Enjoyed it alot. found it pleasent & relaxing. Will be visiting again & bringing me earphones this time:)

Kyle Davi, via Facebook

My previous experience of massage chairs has been airports and hairdressers- this is definitely something else! Loved my Unlax massage at Pod this afternoon. Ridiculously relaxing. Thanks Alex!

Em Howcutt, via Facebook

My mum got me a pod massage as a gift and it was AMAZING! I can't believe a machine can give such a brilliant massage. I've sent a friend there since and definitely recommend!

Jasmine Tribe, via Facebook

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