The POD Experience

Improve your physical and mental wellbeing by getting a full body massage therapy in just 20 minutes

Kick back, relax and be transported to a world of blissful calm miles away from the outside world and re-emerge feeling relaxed, calm and fully recharged.

Soothe yourself with the sounds of nature. Quieten your mind with meditative frequencies. Or simply chill to Ibiza classics.

Elevate your day with POD!



Our state-of-the art massage pods, a first in the UK, feature a ‘Smart Bodyscan’ which ensures that you receive a perfectly bespoke massage each and every time.

The ‘human touch’ double roller system massages the upper body and neck, while simultaneously massaging the lower lumbar, glutes and hamstrings meaning your 20-minutes is time well spent!

No matter the programme selected, enjoy uninterrupted reflexology, whilst the compression airbags and infrared heat promote blood circulation.


Choose Your Bespoke Massage Therapy


There are nine 20-minute massage programmes to choose from. Our PODsquad can help recommend the right option for you when you visit based on what you’re trying to achieve – whether that’s focusing on a specific area, relaxation, high intensity massage or a relaxing pampering treat or you can browse our programs here before your visit. 

What to Expect on a Visit


Each massage POD is positioned in its own private and relaxing area. Our staff are on hand to manage comfort levels throughout the session. When you arrive for your first visit, we will help find the right personal programme for you. Sessions last 20 minutes and are fully immersive – we offer complimentary eye masks and audio to enhance your experience. Alternatively feel free to bring your own music or meditation to match your mood.


What our customers say…

I suffer every day with back pain and struggle to sit with a straight back due to the pain. On leaving the pod I could sit with a completely straight back with absolutely no pain. The pod managed to do what a human hand massage has never managed. I was blown away!

Hannah Fraser-James, via Google

It's divine, l have been twice in 5 days and planning my next one next week.

Justine Garratty, via Facebook

This was such a great experience! Great welcoming and relaxing place, massage was customized to my needs and I was also able to choose the music that suited me the most. Really what I needed after lockdown and I felt great after it!

Letizia Tocci, via Google

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For your physical and mental wellbeing

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