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Help your team improve their physical and mental wellbeing

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A workplace massage may be an alien concept to some, but it’s a great way of team bonding, alleviating stress, and maintaining employee wellbeing in an office environment. POD makes this concept even simpler! Our new POD workplace massage therapy means that all you need to do is choose where and when you want it, with the only other decision being which setting to have it on.

With 2 packages, simply choose which option best supports your workplace wellbeing strategy


POD as a Corporate Wellbeing Partner

Organisations wanting to complement their Wellbeing Strategy by outsourcing massage and mental wellbeing therapies to our Brighton studio.


Rent a POD Massage Chair

Organisations looking for a long-term, on-site workplace wellbeing offer, or to enhance an event.

Did you know?

In 2017/2018, 22 million workdays were missed as a result of stress, anxiety, depression and musculoskeletal disorders. This number accounts for 82% of all work-related ill health days!

Here are just a few ways in which you can POD can benefit your workplace wellbeing:


What our customers say…

Our employees liked the variatious choices of massages and music available - once everyone is back in the office we would look to offering more sessions.

Celia, Groundsure, Brighton

My previous experience of massage chairs has been airports and hairdressers- this is definitely something else! Loved my Unlax massage at Pod this afternoon. Ridiculously relaxing. Thanks Alex!

Em Howcutt, via Facebook

We wanted a unique and alternative option for the wellbeing of our staff that was COVID safe and reasonably priced - we absolutely achieved this!

Robyn, NetNatives, Brighton

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Massage for your physical and mental wellbeing

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