Will I be in a private room operating the POD chair myself?

Our POD chairs are all in the same room, each within its own partitioned alcove and facing away from the rest of the space. Our PODsquad staff operate the chair for you and talk you through your choice of settings and programmes. They are always present during your massage should you need assistance, or want to make adjustments to intensity, for example.

What should I wear?

You remain fully dressed throughout your massage (except shoes), and all clothing types are fine. We do recommend the removal of belts, watches and chunky necklaces to ensure the massage mechanisms can operate effectively though.

I sometimes suffer from anxiety – can I get out of the chair if I want to?

When it’s in use, the POD chair will be slightly elevated which will make hopping out a bit tricky – but our POD team are always on hand during your massage and will immediately assist you if you need it. The big ‘pause’ and ‘power off’ buttons are also right next to your left hand when you’re in the POD chair too, which will return the chair to the fully upright position.

I’d prefer not to have my feet or another area touched, can I still use the POD chairs?

Absolutely. All elements of the massage from the back rollers right down to the foot rollers can be controlled, and if desired, switched off altogether. This is great for those who have particularly sensitive and ticklish feet for example.

Is it important to drink water after my massage?

As with any kind of massage, the key advice is to make sure you’re well hydrated, especially afterwards. The reason for this is that massage helps to stimulate the immune system and release toxins, so a bit of extra water is good to help flush them out and reduce the likelihood of headaches or dizziness.

Isn’t 20 minutes a bit short for an effective massage?

Unlike a traditional massage, our POD chairs perform all massage techniques at the same time, which means you can enjoy an effective massage in 20 minutes. In fact, a 20 minute POD massage is equivalent to an hour’s massage with a therapist. If you’d like a longer session, you can book a 40 minutes for epic levels of relaxation. We don’t recommend any longer than as deep tissue massage is intense and the body needs time to assimilate.

Do I need to pre-book?

Pre-booking isn’t essential, and we actively encourage people to walk-in and have a session when it fits in with their schedule. If you have a very specific date and time in mind, we would encourage pre-booking to avoid disappointment.

Are there any height and weight restrictions?

Yes. Our massage pods are restricted for users between 4ft11 to 6ft4 or 1.50m to 1.95m and a maximum of 120kg or 18st 9lbs.

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