Audio Therapies

Access elevated states of calm, relaxation and focus with a free audio therapy

POD uses sound-cancelling headphones creating a deepened sense of immersion. With a choice of Binaural Beats Meditation, Natural Soundscapes, or a selection of playlists, there’s a sound to suit any mood.

Not feeling the music? Then why not bring your own audio and headphones. POD recommends in-ear which will not interfere with the massage rollers.


Audio Programmes


POD introduces binaural beat meditation, an effortless and scientifically proven way to calm the mind and access deep states of meditation.

Our brains operate at variable frequencies corresponding to different states, allowing us to sleep, regenerate, be creative and alert. 

Binaural audio gives your brain a break form the alert Beta state enabling you to effortlessly sit back and calm the mind, whilst enjoying your 20-minute massage.

POD offers 3 levels of meditation – Light (Alpha), Medium (Theta), Deep (Delta) – and for each level of meditation we have 3 styles to suit your mood – Nature, Spiritual, Tribal.


A study looking at the connection between the brain, body and background noise by researchers at Brighton and Sussex Medical School, found that nature sounds prompted more external-focused attention, reduced heart rate, and reduced the body’s sympathetic ‘fight-or-flight’ response. 

Simply put, participants felt less stressed, more relaxed and better able to solve problems.

POD SOUNDSCAPES offers three natural environments to help you relax – Thunder, Rainforest, and Ocean.


Don’t fancy mindfulness music? POD offers playlists to suit your mood. 

POD regularly assesses and updates its playlists, but if you don’t find anything you like, why not send us your suggestions!


What our customers say…

Wow amazing my partner and I visited today after a very stressful week at work for both of us .... we felt fantastic afterwards and it was really worth it, we where a bit sceptical about a chair massage with airport lounges being our only previous reference this blew them out the water! Thanks to Mike for making us feel so welcome too great service we will be back!

Louise Garlick, via Facebook

Quite possibly the best hour of the last couple of months spent at Pod Wellness this morning... Utterly love these pods that feel like you are being massaged by about 5 people at once. I absolutely could have stayed for hours... if you are in Brighton I’d highly recommend checking them out!

Faith Windsor, via Facebook

You need to try this, it was a fabulous experience, the massage was better than a hands on massage and my whole body was done in 20 minutes, that coupled with the meditative music being played via the headphones in my ears took me off on a very relaxing and restorative journey. I would highly recommend and I can't wait to go back!

Kirsten Richmond, via Facebook

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