Blissful POD Massage Therapies in Brighton for Your Physical and Mental Wellbeing

Visit our POD studio to experience cutting-edge technology that gives you a massage personalised to you!


Book a 20-minute massage session for just £20!


Choose from 9 different massage programmes with complementary audio therapy or eyemasks.


We have 60 sessions available every day – book ahead or walk in.


Relax, be invigorated or target a problem area – the choice is yours!

Elevate your day with POD!

Massage Therapy with POD


Choose from one of our 9 massage programmes to target specific aches and pains, give you an overall relaxation or stretch and aid recovery. Experience a truly transformative full body massage in only 20 minutes!


What our customers say…

I suffer every day with back pain and struggle to sit with a straight back due to the pain. On leaving the pod I could sit with a completely straight back with absolutely no pain. The pod managed to do what a human hand massage has never managed. I was blown away!

Hannah Fraser-James, via Google

My previous experience of massage chairs has been airports and hairdressers - this is definitely something else! Loved my Unlax massage at POD this afternoon. Ridiculously relaxing. Thanks Alex!

Em Howcutt, via Facebook

Amazing! Alex really listened to what I wanted to achieve out of my massage today and the pod didn’t disappoint! Can’t wait to book my next one!

Dan, via Facebook

Add to Your POD Experience

Audio Therapy with POD


Add a complementary audio therapy to deepen your POD massage and access elevated states to calm, relaxation and focus.

Discover more about Audio Therapy with POD…

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For your physical and mental wellbeing

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